Postpartum Meal Sponsorship


Sponsor a newly postpartum Family with the following nourishing food for 1 week or 3 weeks. Dietary options vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian.

  1. One of our Family Meals complete with protein, sides and salads
  2. Quart of Soup 
  3. Quart of Yogurt/Granola or Chia Pudding for a quick breakfast
  4. Quart of Sprouted Lentil Salad or Pasta Salad
  5. Quiche or Shakshuka 
  6. Box of Muffins
  7. Bag of local apples
  8. Bag of loose leaf postpartum tea and/or our house made veggie broth 
  9. Two Rice Bowls portioned for easy lunch for new mom